Club Teams

Player fees (including deposits of at least 25%) for Seacoast United club teams are non-refundable. All club player fees must be paid in full by February of the current season/year to avoid suspension of player card (unless a payment plan is in place with the Club, with a valid credit card on file). An agreement on paying the annual fee in full is included at the time of registration.
An exception to this refund policy will be made for situations resulting in the Club’s closure including but not limited to a pandemic such as COVID-19.


Soccer uniforms must be purchased through the Club’s official uniform supplier, WeGotSoccer. All returns/exchanges for apparel purchased through WeGotSoccer must be handled through WeGotSoccer’s customer service department. WeGotSoccer does not allow returns/exchanges on customized apparel.
Day Camps/Skills Programs
Individuals will receive a full refund for the program they had registered for if they withdraw prior to the start of the program. Individuals who withdraw while the camp/skills program is in progress, or join late, will have their invoice adjusted reflecting the time the individual participated in the program. If paid in full, the individual will be refunded the difference. If the invoice has not been paid in full even after the prorated adjustment, the individual will owe the balance on the invoice. Any classes that are canceled due to a COVID-19 facility closure will receive a credit for future programs.
Residential/Overnight Camps and Training Academy Camps
The residential/overnight camps and Training Academy through Seacoast United will retain a non-refundable deposit upon registration. If a player withdraws prior to the start of program, they will receive a refund for the amount paid to date over and above the deposit amount. If the player withdraws while the program is in progress, their program tuition will be prorated for the time they had participated in the program. The individual will be refunded the difference if payment is made above the non-refundable deposit amount for the program.
A non-refundable fee of $100 is applied ONLY if the individual player cancels for reasons not related to COVID-19 restrictions.


All teams who withdraw from a Seacoast United tournament after the acceptance deadline/published schedule will not receive a refund. Acceptance deadlines vary, but are typically 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event.
Teams who withdraw from a Seacoast United event prior to the acceptance deadline will receive a refund via the following method:
– 70% monetary refund
– 30% credit to future SUSC owned event/tournament
In the event the entire tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather, teams will receive a credit (based on unplayed games, less administration fee of $75) toward a future Seacoast United tournament.

International Trips

Booking cancellations that occur more than 180 days from the trip’s departure will receive a refund of all fees paid, less an administration fee and any non-refundable portion of flight. Cancellations that occur less than 180 days, but more than 90 days prior to the trip’s departure will receive a refund of all fees paid less the initial deposit and any non-refundable portion of flight. Cancellations that occur between 90-30 days from departure will be responsible for 75% of the quoted trip price. Cancellations inside of 30 days prior to departure are responsible for 100% of the quoted trip price. Notification of cancellation must be made to Seacoast United by letter or email. The date of receipt of such communication is the governing date for the purposes of this clause.


No merchandise is currently delivered via this website.

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