SUSC Announces Creation of Seacoast United Maine

Dear Seacoast United Players & Parents:
I hope everyone had a safe return from what is traditionally the busiest soccer weekend on the US calendar.  As you know, a lot is happening over the next few weeks with State Finals, Open Cup Qualifiers, Special Olympics, Super Y, tryouts and wrapping up the regular league season in Granite State.  I want to take this time to wish all of the players and teams the best in the various upcoming events.
Many of you have no doubt heard that this July SUSC will be joining forces with Coastal Soccer Club, a 501 c 3 not for profit organization from Maine.  To be renamed “Seacoast United Maine” the Club will continue to operate as a 501 c 3 not for profit organization and essentially try to emulate what we have proudly done in New Hampshire.  We will genuinely try to create more opportunities for soccer players of all ages and abilities.  Seacoast United Maine will primarily be based in the Brunswick area and Jim Wade will be Seacoast United Maine’s full time Director of Coaching.  We are very fortunate and excited to have Jim join our management team.   
The Board of Directors of Coastal Soccer Club approached Seacoast United a few months ago and our Club’s board and management team felt this would be of mutual benefit to both Clubs and to the game of soccer in our region.  Concerning our Club players, very little will change except that both Clubs will support each other’s events.  Seacoast United Maine will essentially adopt our model which has always been to provide opportunities for players.  With regard to our current soccer players from Southern Maine, nothing will change.  With regard to the Field Hockey Club and Lacrosse Club, this will only create more opportunities, more involvement, a stronger program and the potential for regional training camps. 
Over the coming weeks, more information will become available and we will keep you informed of our progress.  This is wonderful recognition for our accomplishments over the years and a credit to all who have been involved in the Club.  I want to especially thank Paul and all of the SUSC staff for establishing what I believe is a very powerful brand and for taking the initiative to pursue this opportunity.  Speaking on behalf of all of our Board of Directors, I am extremely proud to be affiliated with Seacoast United!
All my best,
Ron Lataille
Seacoast United Soccer Club