SUSC & Montagu England to Host RUBB Cup

On Monday August 11th, the Montagu England Boys Club will arrive in New Hampshire for a two week stay at Seacoast United.   The Montagu Boys Club from Newcastle, England is the former youth team of Paul Willis, Seacoast United Executive Director.   Players and families will be hosted by SUSC players and families for the duration of their trip.   The U12 team has games and events scheduled throughout which culminates in the inaugural RUBB Cup that includes 8 teams from around the region on August 17th.

  • All games are two x 15 min halves
  • All games must start on time.
  • 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss
  • Tiebreakers to determine Group standings are as follows:
                                 - Head to Head
                                 - Goal Difference
                                 - Goals For
                                 - Goals Against
                                 - Number of games holding opponents to zero goals
  • If a place game ends in a tie, best of three penalties will determine winner. Player must be on field at end of game.
All teams will receive a participation gift. Please be respectful to all referees and your opponents. This is a Friendly tournament sponsored by the RUBB Company and in honor of Montagu & North Fenham Boys Club visit to Seacoast United.
Field 1 – Newcastle United Group
9:00am             Montagu v Derry
9:40am             Aztecs v SUSC Maine
10:20am            Montagu v SUSC Maine
11:00am            Aztecs v Derry
11:40am            Aztecs v Montagu
12:20pm            SUSC Maine v Derry
1:15pm             7th & 8th Place – 4th Newcastle group v 4th Manchester United group
1:55pm             3rd & 4th Place – 2nd Newcastle group v 2nd Manchester United group
Field 2 – Manchester United Group
9:00am             SUSC “Okonkwo” v SUSC “McSweeney”
9:40am             York v “SUSC Simmond”
10:20am            SUSC “Okonkwo” v SUSC “Simmond”
11:00am            SUSC “McSweeney” v York
11:40am            York v SUSC “Okonkwo”
12:20pm            SUSC “Simmond” v SUSC “McSweeney”
1:15pm             5th & 6th Place – 3rd Newcastle United group v 3rd Manchester United group
1:55pm             1st  & 2nd Place – 1st Newcastle United group v 1st Manchester United group