Spring Tournament Season Ends

4 Tournaments, 139 Teams & Great Competition All Around

Starting on March 29th and ending on April 20th, Seacoast United played host to 4 separate soccer events.   The first being the TD Banknorth Boys Club Championship.    The weekend had 29 U15-U18 Boys teams competing for an overall Club Champion which saw Coastal SC (ME) taking home the trophy.  

The following weekend was the Portsmouth Regional Hospital Boys Spring Invitational and the weekend after that was the Pro-Ex Girls Spring Invitational.   Each event hosted 44 teams from all over the northeast.   Age groups ranged from U11 - U14.   The Invitational events that the Club runs do not focus on winning and therefore do not have champions.   The focus is on getting ready for the season and playing the game well.   Awards are given for All-Stars, Fair Play & Joga Bonito (team that played the best brand of soccer).  

The final weekend was the TD Banknorth Girls Club Championship.  The weekend had 22 U15-U18 Girls teams competing for an overall Club Champion which saw MPS Cape Cod (MA) taking home the trophy.

The Club has been thrilled with the popularity of these events as they have grown over the past several years.   The events are all unique in their makeup and offer teams games during a time of year that would not normally allow them to get outside.   This is all possible because of the 4 Field Turf Fields that the Club provides for it’s players, tournaments, and leagues.   We would like to thank all the teams involved in the tournament, all of the volunteers that made it go off without a hitch and all of the players for all of their hard work on the field.

We look forward to next years events and hope to see everyone back again.