Seacoast United Hosts Special Olympics Soccer Event

May 30, 2009

On May 30th, the day before the NH State Championships, Seacoast United hosted the
Annual Special Olympics Soccer event.

Over the past 10 years, Seacoast United has been heavily involved with running the event, but this is the first year we have hosted at our indoor facility.  Over 50 volunteers from our club worked to make the event a success.  The number of teams increased this year and by moving away from the UNH Summer Games, it enabled all of the focus to be on the soccer event.

The day was "kicked-off" with the National Anthem performed by U17 Premier Girls’ player Kelsi O’Neil.  This was followed by eight hours of competition from 17 teams ranging from Junior to the Adult age group.  During the day, the volunteers and staff had a cook-out on the grounds outside the arena, where players and officials could have a break and take in nourishment.  Hosting on the turf fields at UNH previous years had caused games to be cut short due to the heat.  This year, the athletes loved the indoor facility and already are looking forward to next year’s event.

We would like to extend sincere gratitude for all of the Seacoast United volunteers.  This day ran extremely smooth and we would like to thank all that gave up time to help with everything.