Seacoast United Epping Complex: The Benefit of Field Turf


The photos in this story were taken this past Sunday, February 15th as Seacoast United teams took advantage of the playing conditions.  Although the weather has been cold and the region has had a lot of snow, the Club has continued to plow the fields and the first real break in the weather had many of the players training outside in Epping this past weekend.

Seacoast United's Outdoor Complex in Epping consists of four full sized Field Turf fields.  The artificial fields allow the Club to play in all kinds of conditions.  During the winter months, the fields are plowed very carefully and with sunny conditions and rising temperatures the fields become playable, months before it would be possible to utilize a traditional grass field. 

Karl Edmonds, the Club's Director of Player Development said, "Thanks to the staff and in particular Tim Farrell, the Club has kept on top of the fields and the snow this winter and players in the region will feel the benefit.  Many of our teams have to prepare for Region I league play in March and in the past we would play games without ever having got outside.  Now our kids have opportunities that players in New York, Virginia, and other more southerly states take for granted.  Another benefit is we can now attract teams from those states to come up and play us, saving our families with travel costs and doing our part to help the local economy."

Karl Edmonds can be reached at 603-926-8444 x207 or at