TEAM CAPTAIN REGISTRATION:  It is highly recommended that you have emails ready for those you want to invite to your team right away. However, you can manage your roster at a later time by going back to your “Dashboard" in your account. 

Step 1: Find the League on the Seacoast United Sports Club website, click on the blue register button.

· If new to league apps – will need to create a profile

· If existing league apps – sign in.

Step 2: Register as a Team Captain

· Fill out required information

Step 3: The registration fee will be split according to the number of players on the team.  Please make sure at the time of registration to make a good guess of the number of players that will be on your team for the season.

Step 4: Choose a division

Step 5: Payment Method – the payment is the amount due by each individual based on # of players on the team

· If you choose to pay later – payment can be done from your dashboard

Step 6: Confirmation of registering – before clicking away – click on “Go to your Dashboard” to immediately start inviting players to your roster. You will also receive an email after registering, where you can click on “Manage Team”:

Step 7: Getting to your roster from your dashboard

· Under Role/Team Click on you “Manage or Add Players”, this will bring you to your roster page.

Step 8: On the “Roster” page, hover over “Invite” at the top of the page.

Step 9: Type emails for each player you want to invite to your team, one email per line

· Pending invites will show under the “Invite” in the second drop down option


Step 1: Player will receive an email invite.

· Create a League App profile or sign in with an existing account

· If creating a new profile – complete your profile information

Step 2: On your dashboard – click “Accept” to join the roster

Step 3: Registration Details & Waiver/Player Code of Conduct,

Step 4: Payment