Youth Soccer Leagues

League schedules will be posted by the 2nd week of each session.  Please click on your league below to view schedules for Session III (March-April 2017).

League Day
U12/2005 Boys A Mondays
U12/2005 Girls Mondays
U10/2007 Girls A Tuesdays
U12/2005 Girls A Tuesdays
U9-U10/2008-07 Boys B Wednesdays
U12/2005 Boys B Wednesdays
U14/2003 Girls A Thursdays
U8/2009 Coed Rec Fridays
U10/2007 Boys B Fridays
U14/2003 Boys A Fridays
5 & 6 yrs Coed Rec Saturdays
U8/2009 Coed Saturdays
U9-U10/2008-07 Girls B Saturdays
U11-U12/2006-05 Boys Saturdays
U11-U12/2006-05 Girls Saturdays
High School Boys Saturdays
High School Girls Saturdays
U13-U14/2004-03 Boys Sundays
U13-U14/2004-03 Girls Sundays