FAQ: Online Roster Management

This list of questions and answers was created to help you through the process of online roster management for all Seacoast United Indoor and Outdoor leagues.  A document to walk you through the entire setup process is available here.  For specific questions, see below.

Questions addressed on this page:

Q:  Why are some players on my team not receiving their roster emails?
With the volume of junk emails in the world on the rise, the measures used to combat them have had to become more and more aggressive. As a result, legitimate emails can sometimes be inadvertently flagged as spam.  EZFacility email administrators are doing everything they can to prevent legitimate emails from our software from being flagged as spam. What EZFacility administrators mainly do is contact various ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and ensure that our email domain is added to their white lists. As well, EZFacility email administrators structure our sending schedule to comply with rules on the volume of messages sent to a particular domain at once.
However, spam processing is also done on the recipients’ side, either by their ISP (Internet Service Provider), or by their email client (such as Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc). There exists an area in which the email senders and their administrators have no control over.
Your players should be advised to regular check their junk mail and trash folders for emails that have been delivered there in error. If they are still unable to find the emails that were sent, they should contact their ISP (Internet Service Provider) for further assistance.  A lot of times ISPs block certain emails from being sent to their customers.  That is a setting on the recipient’s ISPs side.

Q:  What does the email look like when it is sent to a player added to my roster?
The email will come from “Seacoast United” and have a subject line of “You have been added to the roster for .”
The body of the email will appear as:
, you were registered for by . Your registration fee is $75.00. Pay securely online at https://login.ezfacility.com/app/OnlineRegistrations/MemberView.aspx?SubGroupID=123456&ClientID=1234567
For example:  David Burgess, you were registered for Seacoast United Blue by Kelly Kelly.  Your registration fee is $75.00.  Pay securely online at:
Each player’s link will be unique, referencing their own personal ClientID associated with their personal profile.  Personal links should not be forwarded to other players.

Q:  If I register for this current session, will I need to register my entire roster again next session?
  Yes, rosters need to be kept current for each session.  The waiver is good for 1 year, however the balance per player will need to be kept current for each session, this is why the roster will need to be completed from session to session.
Currently there is no way to import your roster from “last session” to the upcoming session within the software.  We understand this is a bit of leg work on the part of the team contact to re-enter the names and email addresses (and individual player payment amounts) each session but the waiver is already stored in the system for players that were on a roster last session.  Feature requests have been logged to add this functionality to the software.

Q:  I deleted my email containing the link to my team roster.  How do I access my team page?
  Team roster pages can only be accessed via the email sent from the automated system.  You can not access your team page from the Seacoast United website.  If you should delete this email from your inbox, you will need to contact David Burgess at dburgess@seacoastunited.org or Kelly Kelly at kkelly@seacoastunited.org to have the link resent.  We will need to know your team name, & league.

Q:  Where do I find the waiver information for my players to sign?
When a player is added to your roster, they will receive an automated email from EZFacility with a link to pay their player balance and electronically sign their medical waiver.

Q:  What if players don’t have Internet access, is there a hard copy waiver?
  Electronically signed waivers are preferred and recommended.  Local libraries have free Internet access.  If you do not have an email account, there are several free web-based email programs available (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) for you to set up an account.  Under extreme circumstances, we can generate hard copies if requested.

Q:  Can I pay the entire balance online and have players pay me?
  That is perfectly fine, you would still need to have the players complete their personal information for your roster & electronically sign their waiver.  You can leave the amount owed per player as $0 if you intend on paying in full and having all players pay you.

Q:  Is it possible to collect checks and pay via the “old” method?
Payments can still be submitted by check.  They would need to be turned into the Seacoast United Staff either at the outdoor complex in Epping (outdoor leagues) or at the front office (Indoor Arena).  You will be issued a receipt for all payments, and we will credit your account balance through the online system.  Checks MUST be noted with team name, session, and player name so we can credit the correct individual.

Q:  What if changes need to be made to my roster affecting the amount each player pays?
  If the team roster is set, changes can be made to players who have not yet made a payment.  Once a player makes a payment, they can not be changed/deleted (adjustments will have to be done outside of this system). 
Example:  Team ABC has 10 players, with an assigned amount owed of $75 each.  Another player is added to the roster, so the amount per player has changed.  Each player will need to be deleted and re-added with the new total.  The system does not automatically calculate the amount owed for each player by dividing the total amount by the # of players, this is done by the team contact. 

Q:  When trying to add a player to my roster, the website generates an error saying that the entry matched more than one record in the system.  What does this mean?
  The message means that there are duplicate entries of that person in our player database.  Please contact Kelly Kelly at kkelly@seacoastunited.org to report this problem so the duplicates can be merged.
Something as simple as how a name is entered (Joe Smith vs. Joseph Smith) or a telephone number entered differently (926-8444 vs. 603-926-8444 for example) can cause a duplicate entry.

Q:  I noticed the email address for one of my players was entered incorrectly.  How do I go about correcting this?
Modifications to a player’s personal information in their profile can only be done from the admin side.  Please email Kelly Kelly at kkelly@seacoastunited.org or David Burgess at dburgess@seacoastunited.org to make the changes.