Futsal is a variant of soccer, played on a hard court surface with a ball that is weighted and smaller than a standard size 4 soccer ball.  The sport has grown in the United States over recent years, with skills classes, leagues, and tournaments being offered regularly throughout the winter months.

Teams compete 5-a-side (4 outfield players and a goalkeeper) with unlimited substitutions, and no boards or walls on the playing surface.  A futsal ball is typically smaller than a standard soccer ball and slightly harder, with low-bounce.  Overall, the game of futsal promotes ball control and passing within small spaces, resulting in player creativity and greater individual technique.

For the winter 2019/20 season, SUSC will offer Futsal programs at two locations:

  • Berwick Academy, South Berwick ME
  • NH Lakes Region (Meredith/Conway NH)

Follow our related links for more information and to register online for our various futsal programs.

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