Paul & Scotty Finish 2011 "Reach the Beach"

This year’s 200 mile Reach the Beach road race from Cannon Mountain to Hampton Beach included a Seacoast United team.  The nine-man team averaged an 8:15 per mile pace which started on Friday morning, September 16 and finished on Saturday afternoon, September 17.  Paul Willis, Club’s Executive Director, was running the race for the 4th year in a row & happy to be in a 9 man-team (6 man team in prior years….only took him 4 years to realize that 6 man teams are crazy!!!).  Iain Scott, the Club's Director of Football Operations, completed the run for the very first time. 

Pictured from left to right are four members of the team; Archie McGowan (son, Jason play’s for SUSC U16’s), Paul, Scotty & Charlie Griffiths (son, Tommy plays for SUSC U16’s).