Built in the 1600s, the 401 has an unparalleled history.  The 401 has been a favorite of local residents as well as politicians, sports figures, travelers, and many celebrities.  A story lies behind every knick-knack and antique  you see on the shelves throughout the bar whether it is the bobby hat, an old telephone, books like "Living Single," or a golf club in memory of someone special to The 401 Tavern.  Located on Route 1 in Hampton, New Hampshire the Tavern takes you back in time reviving a simpler time gone by when live had a slower pace, and people cared about integrity, and lifes pleasures were simpler and more innocent.  The Tavern also offers a Wine Loft, The Deck, and the Sports Bar.  To find out more, pelase visit www.the401tavern.com.