JEN relocated to the Seacoast from Washington, DC in August 2012 and faced the challenge and opportunity of recreating her fitness life in a brand new environment. Hooked on indoor cycling for more than a decade, she searched for the kind of studio she was used to riding in, and discovered it did not exist. Fitness, indoor cycling and music are part of Jen’s DNA. A certified personal trainer and indoor cycling instructor, she has trained and taken cycling classes throughout the country and abroad with the industry’s top instructors and mentors. If you have taken a group fitness class or trained with Jen, you have experienced her passion, humor, and strength.
KAT has always been active but really amped up her quest to be healthier after the birth of her two children.  Her fitness journey has included running, cycling, swimming, strength training, dancing, hiking, HIIT and boot camp, combined with clean nutrition.  She also enjoys competing in road/adventure races, triathlons and cycling events, and is a certified indoor cycling instructor. Her dream was to open a boutique studio, share her love of fitness and help motivate and inspire others to reach their personal goals.
The two met at the gym and became training partners and friends. One evening after a fabulous and fun dinner, the idea of creating the CycleFierce brand was born.
Jen and Kat are both the “CEOs” of their families, former corporate professionals, and incredibly passionate about fitness. They share a deep commitment to community that extends far beyond fitness. The combination of our passions is truly FIERCE, and from this they founded CycleFierce. 
They cannot wait to see you at the studio!
Fierce Community. Ride of a Lifetime. Celebrating You.
Jen and Kat