Favorite Fuels

My late husband, John and I created Favorite Fuels LLC in 2008. We have owned many businesses and through these experiences, I understand the importance of superior customer service. For us we realized business is more than simply dollars and cents; it’s about building relationships. John wanted a way to keep our company unique and unforgettable. He thought if we could leave a lasting impression with our customers- they may use us again. A box of homemade cookies it was!

Favorite Fuels has become a successful, local , family owned business because of our many loyal customers. We have always tried to provide the best customer service at the lowest possible price while building a long-term and satisfying relationship with each of our customers. We are always willing to go that extra step to keep your family safe and warm through the year.

I want to thank you all for your support and loyalty. And yes, I will continue to bake the cookies each day and night, in memory of a great man- who always had great visions.

Thank you,
Lynne Alkire