November 4th, 2012

When visiting Seacoast United’s Hampton Indoor Arena, be sure to look at the bulletin board mounted on the wall between fields A and D to read the many thank you’s and letters acknowledging support Seacoast United has given locally and internationally.  One of SUSC’s proudest community projects was a trip to Nairobi, Kenya in the summer of 2009 made by Paul Willis and Matthew Glode.  
The purpose of their trip to Kenya was to work on behalf of the United States, NIKE, and Care International to help educate local program leaders on methods to promote self sustainability.  During the 5 day trip, both Willis and Glode were both able to speak in front of many local Kenyan soccer program leaders.  They also had the opportunity to step on the field and work directly with underprivileged Kenyan girls. Through the experience, both Willis and Glode met many great people & players and have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with them.  
This past summer through a partnership with Grand Circle Travel of Boston, SUSC sent a donation of soccer balls, shoes, and laptops to one of their friends in Kenya.  Wycliffe Ngoya is the Team Leader of the Sacrena Soccer & Education Academy located at Homa Bay in Kisumu County, Kenya.  Willis & Glode met Wycliffe during their 2009 trip, and his organization strives to “build lives for tomorrow through self help programs for social change.”
In a recent email from Wycliffe he wrote, “Our players and students/pupils are not getting information or even discussing issues of growing up or sexual maturation, while with the community and through sports we let girls speak out and have them meet skills of life through sports and education…”
Through the donations given by SUSC, and brought to Kenya by Grand Circle Travel (GCT), Wycliffe is able to offer more programs and make significant strides in fundraising with use of their first computer.  
“They will hopefully be able to expand programming to the underserved female population and provide global awareness at the same time,” said Glode.  
Mr. Glode is continuously collecting soccer balls, socks, shin guards and any other soccer-specific equipment he can gather, which will eventually be sent to his friends in Kenya through the help of GCT.  Both Willis & Glode hope to see the Sacrena Soccer & Education Academy grow just as Seacoast United has over the past 20 years.  
“In the future we hope to set up a player exchange program allowing players from each organization to travel and experience life and sport with the other,” added Glode.  
If you are able to donate any soccer related equipment please reach out to Matthew Glode at or by phone at 603.758.7118.