Seacoast United's philosophy is to promote soccer to children and young adults in Northern Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.  The club provides an infrastructure that will facilitate the game of soccer, not only giving children and young adults a place to play, but also the ability to compete at different levels.  This allows them to remain engaged in soccer and develop appropriately to their skill level.  

Seacoast United Soccer Club strives to enhance interest and provide opportunities in youth sports via competitive boys and girls teams, coaching clinics, camps, and special programs.  The club exists as a vehicle to provide age-specific advanced training to aid players' soccer development.  This is achieved by providing a supportive environment for players, coaches, officials, and families to encourage the development of their character, self confidence, and the skills to enable each player to fulfill their potential as an athlete and become a leader both on and off the field of soccer.

Seacoast United is committed to providing a well-organized professional soccer program that develops players and coaches to compete at all levels of soccer nationally and internationally.  Consistent leadership fosters a positive youth sports culture with players who are respectful and possess excellent character.

Style of Play
Seacoast United's "style of play" is building from the back and keeping possession of the ball through short passes and capitalizing on switching the field of play quickly.  The club's goal is to play an attractive attacking style of soccer.