Houlagan Lacrosse Select Travel Team is a year long program.  We build our teams in the fall so that we have a cohesive, competitive team to bring to the summer tournaments.  We respect and encourage our players’ decisions to continue in other sports.  We do our best to be flexible when it comes to sport conflicts. However, a strong team can only be built with practice, camaraderie and commitment.  This is why we encourage our teams to play and practice together throughout the entire year.

FALL SEASON:  Focus on team-building/bonding, skill development, and game strategy and concepts, and having a blast at the fall tournaments.

  • House League
  • 1-3 one-day recruiting showcases (for high school teams)

WINTER SEASON:  We encourage our players to participate in as many winter programs as possible.

  • 12 Weekly Skills Sessions – Monday Evenings at Berwick Academy
  • 12 Weekly Shoot Around and Goalie Specific Training - Thursday Evenings at Berwick Academy
  • Indoor League - Sunday Afternoons at Seacoast United Hampton

SPRING SEASON:  Keeping up with our teammates, continuing to build confidence in our game. (Youth Only)

  • 7/8 games/scrimmages with other local clubs and leagues
  • Premiere Lacrosse League (Boys)
  • New England Club Lacrosse League (Girls)
  • 10 Practices are at the coach’s discretion

SUMMER SEASON:  Focus on putting all the pieces together and competing at the highest level we can throughout the summer tournament schedule.

  • 6 Weekly Skills Sessions
  • 6 Team Practices
  • 4 Weekend Tournaments