Brief overviews of each skills class offered by Seacoast United Field Hockey are outlined below.

Elementary School Skills & Scrimmage
For our youngest athletes who are new to the game, our Elementary School Skills & Scrimmage classes introduce players to the basic fundamentals needed to be successful in the game of field hockey.  Classes take place once per week, and progress from technical skill work to scrimmage play where our coaches can give instruction in live game situations.

Middle School Skills & Scrimmage
Whether you are new to the sport, or looking to improve your skills, our Middle School Skills Classes are centered around the importance of the basics of field hockey through repetition of fundamental skills.  Classes are held once per week and focus on the important drill progression and small sided games as well as individual ball control skills - allowing players to improve their individual skills, while also being able to apply them in small possession games where this skill and decision making is vital.

Advanced Field Hockey Skills & Scrimmage
Seacoast United Field Hockey advanced skills classes are for players who are looking to improve their overall skill level. Our advanced level classes are designed for players that have a sound foundation of the fundaments of the sport. These classes will include high paced repetition of both fundamental and advanced skills throughout the course of the program. 

Off-Season Bootcamp
For 8th-12th grade students looking to continue their strength & conditioning training in a field hockey specific format.  This class also includes high paced repetition of fundamental and advanced skills.

Shooter vs. Goalie: Decision Making
Are you a shooter who wants to work on your elimination skills with a goalie, tighten up your shot selections, and be successful in your 1v1 decision making?  Or are you a goaltender who thrives for the shutout, wants confidence in overtime periods, and is looking to read a shooter's body language?  Then the Shooter vs. Goalie Decision Making bootcamp is where you should be.  Join coach Melissa Grant as she discusses the various ways to beat a goalkeeper in a 1v1 situation, read their strengths and weaknesses to tailor your shot selection, or enhances a goalkeeper's decision making skills in any game or overtime situation.  This clinic includes fitness enhancement, focusing on core and stamina exercises, tactical skill execution and decision making success for both a field player and goalkeeper.

Goalkeeping Skills
For any aged goalkeeper looking to practice fundamental skills and increase their decision making tactics and speed in pads.