The mission of the Seacoast United Essex Field Hockey Club is to make a difference within the field hockey community by providing quality opportunities for growth and development to field hockey athletes of all abilities. The Seacoast United Essex Field Hockey Club staff will work to prepare its athletes not only to compete at the next level, but also to become well-rounded student-athletes, both on and off the field.


The staff of Seacoast United Essex Field Hockey Club will convey to all parents and players within the club that it will strive to prepare each athlete for the highest level of competition.  It will create a competitive, yet learning-friendly environment for all novice and elite field hockey athletes.  With that in mind, it is absolutely necessary to stress the importance of the basics to all athletes at all levels.  The coaching staff will work to refine those skills learned, teach high-level game tactics and the importance of execution and discipline.   

Seacoast United Essex Field Hockey Club offers youth field hockey programs, skills classes, developmental club programs as well as a club program for those players who have in mind to ultimately play at the collegiate level.