Seacoast United Players Represented at 2009 Women's Jr. World Cup

Harvard University, August 5th, 2009


Seacoast United players participated in the "Ball Chaser" program during the Spain vs. New Zealand match.  Their primary responsibility was to inbound any balls that went out of play during the game.  International hockey is super fast so the girls had to be on their toes the entire time!  Everyone had a blast and enjoyed the experience being so close to the international athletes.  Pictured (left) from L to R:  Maegan Grew, Lauren Carroll, Nicole Pacheco, Lyndsie Rabenius, Jamie Trout, Cailin Flannery, and Kelsey LeBlanc.  Well done, Seacoast!


Jeanne O’Brien (left), coordinator of the Ball Chaser Program, talks ball chaser strategy with Lyndsie Rabenius during Wednesday’s Spain vs. New Zealand game (pictured, right).

"Being a ball girl for the Junior World Cup was a great experience!  It was amazing to be so close to the action.  Both teams were incredibly skilled, but they each had unique styles of play.  Having the Junior World Cup so close to home is a wonderful opportunity to see amazing field hockey, and I’m glad I got to take advantage of it.  Thank you so much for getting us involved with this, we had a great time!"
  - Jamie Trout (pictured, left)