Town League Workouts

The Seacoast United Baseball Club will be holding a skills clinic throughout the beginning of winter for kids between the ages of 9 and 13.  This 8 week program will help athletes prepare for the upcoming season by working on key fundamentals in the areas of fielding, hitting & pitching. Our objective is to develop and give young athletes the resources and knowledge to improve their ability and increase their success within the game. Classes will be broken up into groups so our instructors can maximize what is done within the given time.  Each week will have a different theme which will be the primary focus for that day.   

Our objective as a staff is to help hitters improve and create consistent swings through a series of drills on T’s as well as in soft toss & front toss. Players will receive instruction on  their stance (batters positioning), swing path, use of the individuals upper and lower body, mindset, and approach. We will incorporate live batting practice in the second half of the session to make sure players have a good understanding of the philosophy and mechanics of hitting.

Fielding will be broken down into several areas. Our focus will be on infield and outfield positioning, mechanical instruction on footwork, proper glove use for the physical act of fielding, as well as the proper mentality & approach for defensive situations. These philosophies will be presented within drill work, demonstrations, competitions and most importantly, plenty of repetition.

Throwing / Pitching: 
The pitching and throwing portion of this clinic will focus on the mechanical aspect of throwing, learning a proper warm-up routine, and the fundamental philosophies a pitcher needs through drill work and throwing progressions.  Our objective is to create consistent mechanics within the throwing motion and the proper mentality that needs to be present while individuals are on the mound. 

Age Dates Time Cost
9-13 yrs October 27th-December 22nd, 2017 5-6:30pm $165

No class on November 24th, 2017

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Questions?  Please contact Curran Shane at or by phone at 603-758-7183.