Every player needs a strong, accurate and durable arm to be able to perform at their highest level at their age.  Building arm strength isn't just about throwing a baseball; athletes need to develop their entire body to improve the overall strength which in turn affects velocity.  The SUBC Arm Strength, Functional Development, and Conditioning Program is designed to help players develop and maintain a level of strength, conditioning, and mobility to lower the risk of arm injury and increase performance.  We want our athletes to continually gain miles per hour on their throws, but more importantly build up endurance while maintaining healthy throwing arms.

Regardless of what position you play, this preseason throwing & endurance program will help you throw harder, further, and for a longer period of time.  Our staff will be educating these athletes on the mechanical aspects of throwing through a series of progressions that will improve the fundamentals of every player.  Players will be instructed on a proper warm up, rehabilitation, weekly throwing routine, and proper conditioning throughout the offseason so these players are ahead of the game before their season starts.

12U+ Mondays, October 22nd-November 27th, 2018 7-8pm Club $135 | Non-Club $170

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All classes take place at the Seacoast United Concord Indoor Facility, 10 Ferry St., Suite 105, Concord NH.

Questions?  Please contact Curran Shane at