Houlagan Box Lacrosse Off and Running

Houlagan Box Lacrosse Off and Running

The offseason is over. No more days of sitting in your house, wishing for the games to be back. Welcome back to box. The single greatest way to improve your offseason lacrosse skills.

Our Houlagan Box Lacrosse season has just kicked off with 5 coed teams training through the winter.

“Consensus across the country is that box lacrosse is the single greatest way to improve your skills,” says Chris Ketcham, Director of Houlagan Lacrosse Operations. “High school coaches say it, College coaches say it, Professional coaches say it. It’s the number one way.”

Girls and Boys from across the Seacoast and beyond will come together with one thing in mind – fast paced lacrosse. In such a smaller environment the speed of play is amplified to greater speeds. It’s brought down to a 5-a-side game that improves players in 5 key aspects:

1) Stick Skills - In such a tight space, players MUST learn to have great stick skills and be able to pick the spots they shoot at!

2) Lacrosse IQ and Decision Making - Players must have constant awareness of the time, score, and now shot clock (Box has a 30 second shot clock).

3) REPETITIONS, REPETITIONS, REPETITIONS - Box lacrosse is played in a hockey rink where the ball hardly goes out of bounds and games are 5 v 5 which makes the game extremely fast paced! Players get a lot of playing time - in fact many players will say it's more exhausting than outdoors! There is no standing around!

4) Body Control and Handling Pressure - Unlike field, where a player has much more space to attack/defend. Box lacrosse is all close quarters.

5) Off-Ball Movement and Communication - Offense doesn't have time to just sit back and set up a big play - there is constant movement all the time on offense!  Defensively, communicating through the 2-man game is vital. Additionally, defensive players must communicate as a whole in order to be successful with the speed of this game!

“We’re excited to have our players back in the box!” says Coach Ketcham.

The Houlagan box program will end with a bang at the second annual galactic hosted by PrimeTime lacrosse held at Seacoast United in January!

If you were unable to make it to tryouts on November 22nd, no fear – Supplemental tryouts take place this upcoming Sunday 12/6 at our Seacoast United Hampton indoor facility. Links to register online at Houlaganlacrosse.com

Any questions, please reach out to Chris Ketcham at Cketcham@seacoastunited.com