Tournament Rules

SUSC Premier Invitational Rules and Guidelines

Download a .pdf copy of the tournament rules here.
All tournament games will be played in accordance with the laws of the game unless modified herein.

Ball Size:

U11 and U12 Size 4
U13 and U14 Size 5

Game Length:

Age Group Format Game Length
U11 and U12


2 x 30 min halves (5 min halftime)
U13, and U14 11v11 2 x 30 min halves (5 min halftime)

Rosters and Player Passes
A certified US Club or USYSA roster shall be submitted to tournament officials prior to first game and may be checked by field marshals or referees prior to each game.

Number of Players
Each team may be composed of a maximum of 20 players (11v11) and 16 players (8v8) for this event and rosters are limited to four guest players.

SUSC Event "Club Pass"
Any team travelling to the SUSC event with more than one team may choose to move a player up for any game throughout the event.  However, no player is allowed to play in more than four games at the event.  The player and coach must have permission from their club director and subsequently from the tournament director before writing the player onto the game roster and presenting his or her player pass of the same club during pre-game check-in.

Substitutions are unlimited but may only be made with the referee’s permission at the following times:
   A.  Prior to a throw-in by the team in possession.
   B.  Prior to a goal kick by either team.
   C.  After a goal is scored by either team.
   D.  For injured player if play is stopped.
   E.  At half time.
   F.  A player recieving a caution (yellow card) MAY be substituted for at that time.

Field Size:
All 8v8 games will be played on a 70 yd x 50 yd field.  The penalty area will be marked by a blue half-circle approximately 10 yds in radius.  11v11 games will be played on a 120 yd x 70 yd field with regular field markings.

Fair Play:
SUSC wishes to create an environment that prioritizes sportsmanship and fair play throughout the weekend.  


Tournament Format 
All teams are guaranteed three games.  After the three preliminary games take place on Saturday/Sunday, playoff seedings will be determined for playoff games on Sunday morning/afternoon. 

Game Points 
Points will be awarded for each game in accordance with the following:
   -  3 points for a win
   -  1 point for a tie
   -  0 points for a loss
**In the event of a forfeited game, the winner will be credited with a 1-0 win and awarded 3 points.  
**A game abandoned by another team will result in the opposing team winning.  The final score will be based on the score at the time of forfeit.  
**Teams are allowed 5 minutes from game time to forfeit time.
**No points are awarded if neither team shows up.
Tie Breaking Within a Bracket:
In the event of a points tie, places will be determined as follows:
   A.  Head to head
   B.  Goal Differential 
   C.  Goals For (maximum of 4 per game) 
   D.  Goals Against
   E.  Penalty kicks
A team will be allowed to play with a minimum of 7 players for an 11v11 match, and 6 players for an 8v8 match. If the team is not able to field a team after 10 minutes of the start time of the match, it will be considered a forfeit. The game score will be recorded as 1-0 in favor of the team that was present at the game time.

Inclement Weather:
In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully.

Refund Policy:
There will be no refunds for teams withdrawing after the acceptance date of February 28th, 2014 (Girls)/March 6th, 2014 (Boys). In the case of entire tournament cancellation due to inclement weather teams will receive a refund after incidental costs occurred to that point have been deducted from entry fee.

Playoffs Seedings:
Playoff seedings will be determined differently in each bracket depending on number of teams entered.  Playoff rounds will take place on Sunday morning/afternoon (depending on schedules).
- If age group is divided into multiple divisions, the top seed from each division will play in the final for that age bracket.  If age group only has a single division, the top two teams after the preliminary rounds will face each other in the final.

Playoffs - Overtime
If the score is tied at the end of regulation, teams will proceed straight to penalty kicks to determine the winner.  Teams will go 5 rounds, and if tied after 5 rounds, they will progress through single rounds until a winner is determined.  Players taking the penalty kicks must be chosen from the 8 players (U11 & U12)/11 players (U13 & U14) that are on the field at the end of the overtime period.


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