2014-15 Soccer Club Tryouts: U10-U18 Boys & Girls

Seacoast United has announced tryout dates for its 2014/15 soccer club teams.  All tryouts will take place during the first two weeks of June at the Club's Outdoor Complex in Epping.  Please reference the schedule below for specific dates and times by age group.

U10 Boys U10 Girls
Tuesday, June 10th 4-5:30pm Tuesday, June 10th 4-5:30pm
Thursday, June 12th 4-5:30pm Thursday, June 12th 4-5:30pm
U11 Boys U11 Girls
Monday, June 9th 4-5:30pm Monday, June 9th 4-5:30pm
Wednesday, June 11th 5:30-7pm Wednesday, June 11th 5:30-7pm
U12 Boys U12 Girls
Monday, June 9th 5:30-7pm Monday, June 9th 5:30-7pm
Wednesday, June 11th 4-5:30pm Wednesday, June 11th 4-5:30pm
U13 Boys* U13 Girls
Monday, June 2nd 4-5:30pm Wednesday, June 4th 4-5:30pm
Wednesday, June 4th 5:30-7pm Friday, June 6th 5:30-7pm
U14 Boys* U14 Girls
Tuesday, June 3rd 4-5:30pm Monday, June 2nd 5:30-7pm
Thursday, June 5th 5:30-7pm Wednesday, June 4th 4-5:30pm
U15 Boys* U15 Girls
Tuesday, June 3rd 5:30-7pm Tuesday, June 3rd 4-5:30pm
Thursday, June 5th 4-5:30pm Friday, June 6th 7-8:30pm
U16 Boys* U16 Girls
Tuesday, June 3rd 5:30-7pm Sunday, June 1st 7-8:30pm
Thursday, June 5th 5:30-7pm Monday, June 2nd 5:30-7pm
U17 Boys* U17 Girls
Wednesday, June 4th 7-8:30pm Sunday, June 1st 7-8:30pm
Friday, June 6th 7-8:30pm Monday, June 2nd 7-8:30pm
U18 Boys* U18 Girls
Tuesday, June 17th 5:30-7pm Tuesday, June 17th 5:30-7pm

Pre-registration is highly encouraged to help in planning for appropriate numbers and field space requirements.  

*Boys interested in the Pre-Academy and US Development Academy teams are encouraged to tryout with their true age groups.

Online Registration
Click here to register for all U10-U14 tryouts.
Click here to register for all U15-U18 tryouts.

2014/15 Age Groups
U10 Born after 8/1/04
U11 Born after 8/1/03
U12 Born after 8/1/02
U13 Born after 8/1/01
U14 Born after 8/1/00
U15 Born after 8/1/99
U16 Born after 8/1/98
U17 Born after 8/1/97
U18 Born after 8/1/96

Families seeking financial assistance are encouraged to apply for the Seacoast United Foundation Bob Masi Scholarship.  Application information is available through the Seacoast United Foundation website here.